Inclusion Policy

Including People with Disability

Our Commitment

Our club welcomes all members of the community, regardless of their abilities. We will include people with disability in our club in both playing and non-playing roles to the greatest extent that we can.

We will endeavour to make our club as accessible as possible, based on our state sports policy on inclusion, the ability of individuals involved in our club, the type and level of competition (e.g., junior versus senior competition and social versus pennant) they want to join and our capacity to make modifications that promote inclusion.

What we Will Do

  • Put people first, focus on what they can do and find out how they want to participate.
  • Ask each individual – and their parents if the participant is a child – for their advice about what modifications would help them to participate.
  • Where possible, make adjustments to our coaching, equipment, rules or playing environment and modifications to club premises (e.g. putting in a ramp).
  • Be honest and explain if certain modifications or adjustments are not currently possible.
  • Communicate with people and share club information in appropriate ways and formats.
  • Expect all members of our club to accept and welcome people with disability.
  • Make sure people of all abilities are included in our club’s social activities and are recognised for their contribution and achievement.
  • Have strong policies to ensure that people can play sport and participate in our club without discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  • Provide information about other options for participation outside our club; for example, letting people know about sports that are primarily or only for people with disability, or clubs where major modifications have been made to increase opportunities for

What we Ask You to Do

If you have a disability:

  • Tell us what we can do to help include you in our club
  • Understand that we will do our best to make any necessary adjustments or modifications.
  • Talk to us if you have any concerns or ideas to help us make our club.