Coaching & Officials


CLIVE VOGEL – #0457 774 214

Distance Running, Hurdles, Throws, Walks

Clive holds a Level 3 Advanced Event Group Coach & IAAF Kids Athletics Coaching accreditations, and has been coaching for over 20 years.

JOHN SOROKA – # 0422 527 014


John has been involved in athletics for over 30 years, previously holding a Level 2 Accreditation, which lapsed when he ventured into Soccer refereeing. He has been back involved with athletics for the past 10 years, and currently holds a Level 1 accreditation, is awaiting final assessment for his Level 2. Has worked closely with, and has Scott Martin as his mentor.

JASON ANDERSON – # 0409 587 100

Sprints, Horizontal Jumps

Jason has had an active involvement with Athletics for approximately 30 years, through participation, and more recently in coaching, He is a Level 1 Coach, currently doing his Level 2.

BERNIE CANNAN – # 0409 326 218

Sprints, Middle Distance, Throws, Jumps

Bernie has been involved in Athletics for a number of years, his athletics journey commenced competing at Little Aths some 50 years ago, He has been involved in Athletics in Albury since 1991, and has been coaching for over 20 years, currently is a Foundation Coach (ATFCA)



Level 1 Accreditation


Level 1 Accreditation