Risk Management

Albury Athletics aims to use the world’s best practice in
risk management to support and enhance our
activities in all areas of our organisation. We will
ensure risk management is anintegral part of all our
decision-making processes.

Albury Athletics will use a structured risk
management program to minimise reasonably
foreseeable disruption to operations,harm to people
and damage to the environment and property.

We will identify and take advantage of opportunities as
well as minimising adverse effects.

Albury Athletics will train our people to implement
risk management effectively. We will strive to
continually improve our risk management practices.

The President is responsible for the implementation of the
risk processes and ultimately responsible for the management
of risks that may occur at the club.


The President is responsible for the development of and
continual review of the Albury Athletics risk management


All personal and volunteers are responsible for managing risks in
their areas. Risk Management procedures comply with and are
based on Australian Standard AS/NZS 4360:1999.


The President to establish timelines for the
review of risk register and then subsequently risk

The Executive will monitor and review the implementation
of the risk management program.