Photography Policy

  1. Purpose of this Policy

This policy provides Albury athletics (“the Club”) members and their families with an understanding of the issues surrounding the taking and displaying of photos and/or videos of members participating in athletics activities with the Club, Athletics Australia (AA) and Athletics Victoria (AV).

In connection with this policy, it should be noted that:·

  • In Australia there is no law restricting photography or videography of people, including children, in public spaces as long as the images are NOT indecent, defamatory, protected by a court order or being used for commercial purposes (eg a person’s likeness is used to endorse or entice people to buy a product); and
  • As the majority of AV venues are located on local government parks that are open to the public, neither AV nor the Club can stop anyone taking photographs or videos at these venues.

2 General Policy

2.1 At an athletics event or related activity, you may be photographed or videotaped by an AA, AV or Club member, official, staff member or endorsed representative. Such photos or videos may be used by AA, AV or the Club for promotional or other proper purposes without requesting your consent. This forms part of the terms and conditions of membership that you must acknowledge when registering with a club which is affiliated with Athletics Victoria, such as Albury Athletics.

2.2 Photographs taken by AA, AV or Club officials and members may be placed on the Club’s website or other media such as Facebook. You must contact the Club if you have any concerns in elation to the display of photographs and videos.

2.3 The privacy of others must be respected and the use of camera phones, videos and cameras inside changing areas, showers and toilets is prohibited.

2.4 The Club will only use appropriate images of registered athletes, relevant to athletics and depicting them suitably clothed in a manner that promotes participation in athletics.

2.5 When using a photo of any registered athlete the Club will not display personal information such as residential address, email address or telephone numbers without gaining the person’s consent.

2.6 There are no restrictions on parents, guardians and/or family members taking photos or video footage of their children participating in athletics, provided that the images are for personal use and do not encroach on the limitations as described in 3.1 below.

2.7 Likewise there are no restrictions on officials (including coaches, referees and administrators) taking images for coaching purposes, athlete development or general publicity, provided that 3.1 below is observed.

3.Exceptions to Freedom to Photograph

There are specific instances in law where the taking of any image is banned. Such instances generally relate to child custody matters, wards of the state, restraining orders and witness protection. It is also possible that from time to time othercircumstances may also preclude the taking of any image of an individual.Where such orders are in place, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian or individual to notify AA, AV and the Club. In such cases we will use our best endeavours to prevent the taking of such images