Communications Policy

  1. Introduction

 Albury Athletics (“the Club” or “we”) is committed to communicating regularly with its athletes, officials, coaches and volunteers. Electronic communication is essential for sharing Club news and information in a timely and cost effective manner, so electronic communication is our preferred mode of communication.

Only rarely do we use hard copy communication to a person’s mailing address. Notices placed on Club noticeboards are usually in addition to electronic communication on the same topic.


  1. Communication methods and expectations

 We use a range of electronic methods to communicate with our members. Irrespective of the method of communication, it is always our intention to respect and protect members’ privacy. We expect our members to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information with other members, or posting material on public sites connected to the Club. Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive content will not be tolerated.

If a member feels that their privacy has been breached, or that they have been treated inappropriately in a Club communication, they should inform the Club immediately so that the situation can be addressed and rectified as appropriate.


  • Website

Our website ( includes information on applying for membership, upcoming competitions, social events, coaches, ground hire, Club records, rules and policies. No offensive content or photos will be published. We encourage feedback from members to improve the information available on the website (feedback should be sent to the email address at the top of this page).


  • Email

We use email to provide information to members about competition, training, club-sanctioned social events and other Club business. The weekly bulletin during winter and summer seasons is sent by email and posted on the website.


  • Facebook

Our Facebook page ( ) is regularly updated with photos and results from recent events.


  1. Disciplinary Measures

 As outlined in our Member Protection Policy, we may take disciplinary action against anyone found to have sent or posted inappropriate electronic communication or comments that offend or intimidate another person.